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    Volume I

    Read a sample poem

    Wings of White
    Poems About White Doves For White Dove Releases

    This wonderful collection of original poems about white doves is perfect for white dove releases or any inspirational moment. In the Fifth Edition, there are new poems, and we have expanded the poems into two volumes.

          Volume 1 - poems for Weddings and other Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, and many more;
          Volume 2- poems for Funerals and Memorials. Each poem is original and written especially for white dove releases or ceremonies that use the wonderful symbol of the white dove as it represents peace, love, fidelity, prosperity and joy.     
    The Set includes both volumes I and II.   

     The poems and readings are available as an E-Book or in a spiral bound format. You may simply download the book onto your computer and print it out or enjoy the bound copy. In addition, with the printed version of the book as a set (both volumes), you will receive a CD in Microsoft Word format with the poems ready for printing.  Just select a nice paper and your poem will be is ready for framing as a gift to the bride or celebrant or as a keepsake of the white dove.  Each poem of the e-book is on a separate page and will print suitable for framing in an 8 X 10 format. You can easily modify the templates and add names or dates to personalize the poems easily.

    But these poems are far more than just for white dove releases.
    If you love doves, you will love these poems.
    All of the poems are original, written with love, by Sandra van Riper

    The Set: Vol. 1 & 2 


    Volume II

    Read a sample poem


    •  That is a fantastic set of literature. Good job. BD, Iowa
    • I'm very pleased with White Dove E-Book download.  These books are truly a credit to you and so is the way you handle your business,  Many Thanks MP, Australia 2009
    • Thank you so very very much for the poems Sandy.  I get married in 9 days and have been searching for the perfect words for a bird release. My father was a pigeon flyer for 35 years and passed away in July so is unable to give me away so I wanted to do something both my new Husband and I could look back on and smile knowing he is watching his birds and us on our special day. Your words are so simple yet beautiful and heartfelt. THANK YOU! You have made an Auzzie girls dream come true. This unique book is something that can be used to stay in the minds of all the people who get to hear the poems and verses. I was so thrilled to have stumbled across your book and couldn't wait to read it.  Thanks so much. Warm regards D & R, Australia  2009
    • If you ever need a testimonial from a Funeral Celebrant, let me know. I think this is a terrific help for all Celebrants to purchase for Dove releases - both religious and non-religious. Thanks again, P V - USA
    • Your book of poems have helped so many people, especially the funeral side of things. thanks. SB, South Africa
    • We purchased your poems some time ago. They have been a wonderful addition to our releases. About half of our clients pick one of your poems. Thank you. T W   OK 2008
    • Your website and poems are terrific. Thanks for your service. I expect business is "booming". Terrific. M & J Oklahoma
    • Sandra got your e book on wings of white dove poems a great read and very moving , thanks and kind regards, SS.  - UK
    • Sandra, your book of poems is amazing and without a doubt it was a labor of love. I am starting a release business this spring and I know these beautiful poems will be a wonderful addition to my service. Thank You, so much, for sharing, the words of your heart, with us all........John....Arkansas...
    • I got it (Book of Poems). It is perfect. Appropriate for so many different occasions – I never expected that. Not only weddings and funerals, but baptisms and confirmations, great! I too appreciate the explanations of releases for different occasions, it will help in explaining it to others. I too liked reading about your background and the creation of the White Dove Society. Thank you again. You have been a huge help. MG
    • I ordered your book of poems as I am starting a dove release business in my area. I love it!!! Absolutely exactly what I was looking to find. Thank you for your time and your book! Much gratitude, ~J R, Arkansas
    • That is a fantastic set of literature. Good job. BD, Iowa
    • I just love them!!!  You are a beautiful soul!  MW,  Florida 
    • I ordered your book of poems as I am starting a dove release business in my area. I love it!!!  Absolutely exactly what I was looking to find. Thank you for your time and your book!  Much gratitude,  J R, Arkansas
    • I have a framed copy of the wedding poem "Promise of Love"  with a white dove feather.  I will keep it forever.  Thank you. MS, Sierra Vista, AZ
    • We were married this past month and used a reading from your book.  Thank you -- Thank you.  Everyone asked where we found the reading.  It is perfect!  Adele and Steve, Tucson AZ
    •  I recently ordered and downloaded a copy of your book of poems.
      I've already shown some of them to my customers and had excellent feedback about them. TB (Sydney Australia)
    • It downloaded beautifully. Thank you for offer this online- Jennifer
    • I got the book and I LOVE IT!  DO, Georgia
    •  Fantastic!  These poems are really special.  -CJ - New York
    • You have a poem for every occasion, and they really say something personal.  Thank you.  -KVR, Phoenix Arizona
    •  I printed off the book - the pages with the borders and it looks great! Thanks again! -D
    • I've not read though it all yet but what I have looks great, Good job!  -DP
    • Thanks a lot. I'm very happy with those poems. My sister thought it would be a good idea to give a framed keepsake of the poem read at the ceremony to add value to the package. -SB
    • I am very impressed with the quality of the poems. I wasn't expecting such consistency in such a large number. Also a framed poem would go very well on my back panel during the exhibition. -SB
    • I was very happy to find this being offered as I have been searching for such poems and readings for going on eight years now. I have three or four "readings" that I have used as I feel it is important to express the meaning(s) of our Dove Releases. It has made a difference and provides a more personal touch. -CR
    • I have read only a portion of your collection and find them very appropriate and well written. They have also given me some ideals on other types of "Dove Releases" that I can promote, rather than just Weddings and Memorials . I do some other special occasions such as Grand Openings and School Events. However, Christmas or Baptisms, I have not considered.  -CR
    • GOOD JOB! -CR


     If you are not happy with this E-book or Book,
    let me know within 24 hours (or return the printed copy),
    and I will refund the total cost of the book.


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    Title: Wings of White, White Dove Poems and Readings for White Dove Releases 
    Description:  Wings of White are two volumes of original poems and readings written specially for white dove releases at weddings, funerals and other ceremonies by Sandra van RiperWhite Dove Ceremony provides white dove release professionals with information and education, plus a world wide directory of their services. We also offer equipment and white dove supplies. White Doves 101 helps you start a white dove business!

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