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    Ojibwe Medicine Wheel
    Ojibwe Medicine Wheel

    Traditional teachings of the Ojibwa people encompassed all aspects of the personĘs life, in relation to the world around them. The learning process addressed and teaches about the inseparability of the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual dimensions. Native people believe everything happens/goes in a circle clockwise, therefore the medicine wheel is a circle divided into four quadrants.

    The Medicine Wheel is an interconnected system of teachings relating to the seasons, directions, elements, colors and the cycle of life. It speaks of the need for balance, harmony and respect as bringers of happiness. It is an ancient system of traditional indigenous knowledge that many tribal peoples share under many different names.

    Experience continues to be a fundamental principle of the Anishinabe learning processes.

    If you look at the Medicine Wheel, it is in four quadrants, four is a sacred number among many tribal people. Four directions, four races of people, four cycles of life, four seasons, four winds and four quarters of the moon.

    We began in the east, it is the start of a new day or beginning new. The season is Spring, everything is just starting to come alive, to bud or grow, the trees, the grass, the flowers. The stage of life is infancy again because of the newness. The element is Earth, which was the first creation. The color is red. In the physical health quadrant is how a person takes care of self in a good physical way ū nutrition, are your family meals healthy and nutritious; exercise, are you exercising on a regular scheduled basis; boundaries, are you aware of what are healthy boundaries; personal hygiene on a daily basis.

    And in the south quadrant, everything that comes from this direction is warm, thus the season is summer, the life stage is youth. The element for the south is air, because we all need air to breathe, the vegetation to grow. The color is yellow. In the emotional health quadrant is how aware are we of our emotions ū identify feelings, healthy ways to express these feelings, not being afraid to seek help.

    In the west, we are now entering the third quarter of the circle/wheel, the season is fall, vegetation is beginning to go dormant, leaves are changing and falling off their branches and the grass is turning brown, the life stage is adult, we are preparing for the completion of our circle and passing down some of the knowledge that we had learned. The element for the west is water, again an essential for growth and for us humans, without it we wouldnĘt live. The color is black. In the spiritual health quadrant is how aware is a person of their spiritual being-mentor, do you have a mentor and do they practice the Native Traditional way like ceremonies cleansing or rituals such as naming, big drum; Christian such as church, baptisms, communion, or other practices of spirituality. All beliefs focus on basically the same principles, morals, values and spiritual guidelines.

    The hoop is 9 inches, and it is made from rabbit fur, wool and glass beads. Each piece is made beginning with an inspiration by the maker, and they are unique. Please read about the process of creation by Paul Cummings.

    You can purchase pieces that are already created, or you can select an piece that is crafted just for you.

    $ 75.00




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    Title: Ojibwe Medicine Wheel 

    Description:  Traditional teachings of the Ojibwa people encompassed all aspects of the personĘs life, in relation to the world around them. The learning process addressed and teaches about the inseparability of the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual
    White Dove Ceremony and White Dove Society International provides white dove release professionals with information and education, plus a world wide directory of their services. White Doves 101 helps you start a white dove business! Poems and reading
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