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    What people say about our Birds, Baskets, Feathers and MORE!

    • Thank you so much (for the feathers) Sandra!  And that you for the way you love & honor the Doves. Blessings,  M 2013

    • Got them, they're beautiful! Thanks! P.B. 2013

    • The feathers are beautiful and were perfect for the project I was working on. Doves are a spirit animal for me so I keep the feathers around to remind me of there wisdom and guidance. It is not an accident that my nickname is Dove! I used some of the feathers to don the bottom of a dream catcher that I hand made for my boyfriend for his birthday. He said it was the nicest gift he had ever been given. Thank you for contributing to such a special project.   Blessings!  S.S., Ca 2013

    • The Love Doves arrived safe.  They're a beautiful pair calm and tame - Thank you.  K.  Oregon 2012

    • Hi Sandra just got the dove delivered it's very beautiful and my wife is very happy with it and so am I   Thanks again for all the help and support. F.A., Ohio 2012

    • Hello, She arrived at 630 am. I was on my way to work but my husband picked her up. he was off all day. I just got home .oh my she is beautiful! Thank you for being so responsible and following through. I will send pic soon.    Thank you I love her!  M - Vermont 2011

    • I got my dove this morning! She is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!  A.C.- NE 2011

    • Hi Sandra! The doves arrived.  They are wonderful, in great shape, and they both are in the cage I have for them.  Thank you so much.  You really packed them well, they traveled perfect and I so appreciate all your personal attention and great service.  Thanks a million. Send me your mailing address and I'll put a picture in the mail. Thanks again for some great birds. W.

    • I got the first 2 baskets today and they are perfect. Thanks for the info on the second shipment. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. PM 2011

    • Just wanted you to know that the doves are beautiful and doing well. And, I appreciate your honesty with the postage. It is refreshing to find trustworthy and authentic people doing business in this crazy world. Your integrity is priceless.
      Thank you again,  A. 2010

    • Just to let you know my baskets have arrived today, they are so lovely, I am very pleased with them, they arrived a lot quicker than I thought. The poems are great, (the doggy one made me cry as we recently lost our beautiful dog, Sophie).Thank you, ND, UK 2009
    •  received my heart shaped baskets yesterday (1st December) and I am so pleased. The baskets are gorgeous and I am thrilled. I can't wait to use them, as I am just starting my own white dove display and release business in Newcastle Australia and I appreciate your help (as I have been looking everywhere for decorative baskets / cages).  Thank you very much for everything LB, Australia 2009
    • Thank You, my basket arrived today and I am delighted with it. Lynn- UK
    • Just to let you know I have now received my baskets and I'm very happy with them. Thank you so much, I'm recommending you to all of my friends!!! You are the greatest... God Bless.  MH FL 2008
    • Thanks so much. The birds are doing great. We absolutely adore them. PL  TX 2008
    • The Heart shaped baskets that I purchased were perfect. The small will hold 2 birds & the large basket will hold 5 or more with no problem. Everything worked out for the wedding. Thanks. M.  IN 2008
    • We received the babies this afternoon. They were in wonderful condition and did not seem stressed at all. We have settled them in for the night and have to keep going to check on them. They are even more beautiful than we imagined. Thank you so much. P.L. TX 2008
    • Just to let you know that the baskets arrived today. I'm really delighted with them, they are much nicer than I imagined. Many thanks for all your help. ~ Jo - UK 2008
    • Hello Sandra, I did received the Basket thank you very much it was beautiful. I have looked and looked to find a Heart Shaped basket.  PD 2007
    • First of all, I want to say that this is a very unique and excellent website. I've raised Streptopelia roseogrisea doves almost all my life. I have several color varieties. (white collard tangerine, tangerine pearl and Bull-eyed whites) The bull-eyed whites are interesting because they are actually "whiter" than the regular white doves and there is no remnant of the non-pigmented ring on the neck. Of course the iris color is dark brown instead of red (thus the name....bull-eyed or doe-eyed) as in the regular white doves. Bull eyed whites are actually "pied" birds where the pied characteristic is so extensive that the birds are entirely white. I also keep some captive reared Streptopelia decaocto. (Eurasian Collard Dove......normal color as well as the tangerine color mutation) These ECDs are not of the same temperament as S. roseogrisea. They're rather wild natured and don't lend themselves to domestication. - JP 2006
    • This is C B from Madison, Wisconsin--I bought 4 white homing pigeons from you about 1 month ago. I just wanted to let you know they are doing great! I started releasing them last week and they all homed in the first time. I thought I lost one because she flew off after hanging around for 2 hours and didn't return that evening. When I got home the next afternoon from work she was sitting on my house roof. She actually followed me with the pan of birdseed to the loft. I think she was a little confused--but since then has zeroed right into the loft without any difficulty. I'll start distancing them in the next week or so (the weather has been bad lately).  So thank you for a great set of birds!! I love them!!   ~C B  2006
    • Thanks Sandy!!  Those are great-They really are beautiful birds and all healthy. I am so excited. Thanks again, Traci 2006
    • The babies arrived, and I brought them home right away!!! I got them set up with water and food and they are doing well!!! I will send you some pics later :0) Please know that they are in a good loving home, and we will baby them just as much!!! They are Beautiful!!! -- Kelly 2005
    • They all arrived fine this morning around 7:30 am in fine shape. My wife was not thrilled with this idea but now that she has seen them, she has fell in love with them H. 2005
    •  I got the birds at 3:00pm today from the Post Office by my home. They are all fine and look beautiful. Thank you so much! -- Steve  2004
    • I received the doves today and they’re so beautiful. My husband and I bought big cages for them and food and everything and the kids came from school and they wear so shocked and so happy. These birds are a great joy to our family. Will they bite? They seemed a little scared at first but then they let the kids pet them after they felt comfortable. What do they eat because finch food? Is their anything special that I should know about them?  Thanks again Sandra. You’re a really good person! -- SL  2004
    • I have been searching around on the internet for a reputable dealer, but most are far less credible. Because of your background and your online course program I have come to trust your judgment. I am preparing to make a sizable investment into birds I can't even see! I need to select a breeder beyond reproach. -- Gary 2004

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    Title: Testimonials from students, visitors and new bird owners at White Dove Ceremony 

    Description:  Read what students of White Doves 101 have to say about the course
    White Dove Ceremony and White Dove Society International provides white dove release professionals with information and education, plus a world wide directory of their services. White Doves 101 helps you start a white dove business! Poems and reading
    Keywords: great service, white doves 101, poems and readings for releases 
    white doves, how to start a release business, poems, readings, whitedoves 101, wedding, funeral doves, White Dove Society, International White Dove Society

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