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Wings of White
Poems of Love and White Doves

A Book of Poems and Readings About Doves, Angels, Heaven,
Wedding Vows & Love Poetry

Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baptisms, Graduations, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and more

poem dove poem wedding poem poems

Poems, Readings, & Information
The White Dove, it's Symbolism and Meaning to People through the Ages.

Learn about the Dove in the Bible
Find a Wedding Poem or Reading
Vows and Lyrics of Love
Inspirational Poetry for Memorials
all original, written with love,
by Sandra van Riper

Perfect for White Dove Releases, Church Services, Poems for Wedding Vows, Love Poetry, Memorials, Inspirational Moments, Sunday School, Birthdays, Graduations

This lovely book is $19.95 as an e-book and just a little more for the printed version, spiral bound edition. It has over 100 pages of poems, readings and information about White Doves! Download the e-book version immediately.


Sample Poems

Wedding Bouquet of Doves
Baptism Dove
Do not come to my grave and weep


Table of Contents

Poems & Readings
for Weddings

A Wedding Pair
Dove Release Reading
An Emblem of Love
Wedding Bouquet
Message of Love
Promise of Love
Pure Sweet Love
Two Doves, Two Loves
Wedding Flight
Hope and Joy
Bouquet of Doves


Funeral and Memorial Poems
Angels from Above
Adiós (in Spanish)
Angels of White
Fly Home
A Trinity Release
Gentle Angel
Guided by the Trinity
Flock of Angels
I’ll be There
Memorial Dove
The Happy Times
If There's a Doggy Heaven
A Toast of Doves
Poems for Other Occasions
Our Anniversary
Anniversary Celebration
Wings of White at Baptism
Baptism Doves
A Dove From Heaven
Special Baptism Blessing
Announcing a Birth
Confirmation Doves
Easter Doves
Graduation on Wings of White
Graduation Doves
Twenty-one Years Celebrated
Special Birth Blessing
Sweet Sixteen
Valentine’s Dove
Mother’s Day Doves
Christmas Doves of Love
Message of Love

The Symbolism of Doves

Doves as Symbols of Divinity
Early Mythology
Old Testament Traditions
New Testament Doves
Islam Symbols
American Symbols
Hindu Traditions
The Constellation Columba
Doves as a Symbol of Peace
As Love & Marriage Symbols
Doves as Symbols of the Soul
Numbers of Significance
   Seven Doves
   Twelve Doves

Read a sample poem
that has been personalized for a graveside service



If you are not happy with this E-book, let me know within 24 hours, and I will refund the total cost of the book.

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